Product Specs

PCT-NGN3x 1.2 GHz Splitters

  • Excellent performance in the expanded return path range of DOCSIS 3.1
  • Expanded bandwidth in the downstream to allow for the higher data rates provided by DOCSIS 3.1
  • Superior intermodulation distortion and second harmonic performance
  • Excellent return loss and port-to-port isolation in the return band
  • Soldered back plate for excellent RFI performance
  • Patented PCT DSM® seizure technology (patent #6450836)
  • 6 kV surge withstand, excellent second order harmonics performance after 10 surges to each port per IEEE C62.41-1991
    Category A3
  • White bronze plating provides superior defense against long-term corrosion
  • Weather-sealed F ports prevent moisture migration
  • Machine threaded, flat-faced F ports for improved ground plane contact
  • Conforms to all applicable SCTE standards

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