Esther Medrano

Craig Youtsey

Esther Medrano

Vice President, Customer Experience

Esther’s 14 year tenure with PCT has afforded her a vast knowledge of the systems and processes that allow her and her team to offer an exceptional experience to PCT’s customers through the entire lifecycle of the ordering process. Utilizing her skills and efforts, Esther has moved through the ranks of PCT, positioning her to lead a key department that is the face of PCT to its most valuable asset, the customer.

Esther’s ability to lead by example and teach her team openly, offers a process that flows from the initial order all the way through the delivery to the end user. A Mainstay in the company, Esther has been a go to person for data and reporting that has been vital to the executive team across all departments and levels. As an international company, with extensive reach into the Latin American market, Esther’s multi-language fluency assists in the communication with key customers at all levels.

Prior to joining PCT Esther supported C-Suite executives ranging from basic tasks to classified and proprietary information. Her data gathering and organizational skills make her and the teams she works with successful at every level.