Patented contact from CPE Ports to Coax eliminates burst noise and loose connector issues

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Patented contact from CPE Ports to Coax eliminates burst noise and loose connector issues

MESA, AZ – October 23, 2018 – PCT International, Inc. (PCT)  PCT International, Inc. (PCT), a leading manufacturer of broadband communications products that support the multichannel video, voice and high-speed data services including coaxial cable and fiber optics, announced today that the innovative Connectivity Jumper Sleeve, SignalGuard™, is in full production.

With the increased demand for capacity per subscriber, it is imperative to ensure a good performing upstream and downstream transmission medium. The Patented Connectivity Jumper Sleeve prohibits upstream noise transmission that hinders data transfer.  The design eliminates burst noise and maintains continuity between the customer premise equipment port and the network coaxial cable. This design is proven to improve performance.

“The SignalGuard is yet another leading edge technology invention from PCT International that solves common network issues,” said Adrian O’Leary, President of PCT International. “With data speeds reaching 1 Gbps, the transmission medium must be flawless” he added.

“The connector design initiates ground continuity with a contact mechanism prior to the center conductor and maintains continuity through the connector’s interface nut and metal body.” Stated Tim Youtsey, VP of Connector Engineering.  “We’ve addressed common operator issues with this invention surrounding burst noise and common mode disturbance,” he added.

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