Product Specs

Mux DeMux Hardware UHD Platform & Passive

PCT’s EQMUXFC and EQDEMUXFC series multiplexers and demultiplexers provide high adjacent channel isolation to eliminate interference, wide passband performance to ensure stable operation for transmitters subject to wide temperature variations, and 1310 nm pass thru to accommodate existing standard 1310 nm networks. Up to 10 CWDM channels can be used above the fiber water peak, allowing for maximum leverage of legacy optical fibers.

Features and Benefits

  • 10 channels available in flexible configurations (1 x 10, 1 x 8, 1 x 4)
  • Scalable deployment with integrated expansion ports
  • Low insertion loss
  • High adjacent channel isolation
  • Available in modular housings (LGX compatible) for ease of installation


  • Metro CWDM networks
  • FTTx
  • Passive optical networks
  • Addition of new services on legacy fiber