Product Specs

PCT's Enhanced Shielding Design

PCT-HD-Xa-y HDMI® High Speed with Ethernet and Enhanced Shielding

Superior Audio / Video Signal Performance

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI®) cables by PCT® provide high speed, modern home theater connections. With just one cable, uncompressed audio and video signals are transmitted between consumer electronic devices. This cable provides crisp, clear sound and a sharp, clear picture with bright, lifelike colors and accurately detailed images.

Offering our customers products and services with the highest quality performance and long-term reliability is always at the peak of our objectives.  For our customers, this means when you purchase PCT’s High Speed HDMI cables, you know that our cables are designed and tested in accordance with stringent HDMI  specifications. PCT’s High Speed HDMI cable truly delivers excellent sight and sound with lasting quality and performance.

PCT HDMI cable packaging includes retail and non-retail options and offers customer customization of material, size, shape and artwork. PCT’s quality packaging solutions focus on customer specifications and objectives, ease of handling, shipping optimization and sustainability.

PCT steel casing HDMI cable connector

  • Enhanced shielding design ensures FCC Part 15B compliance, prevents issues such as:
    • Interference with emergency communication services
    • Interference with LTE signals
    • Shielding performance of >30 dB (GTEM testing) meeting FCC Part 15B

Recommended use for the following applications

  • HD and 4K resolution equipment including:
    • ž Set tops
    • Televisions
    • DVR equipment
    • Video gaming systems
    • Blu-ray and DVD players
  • Computers and laptops
  • Devices with HDMI compliant ports

Testing and Conformance

  • Premium HDMI Cable Certification
  • UL Listd
  • RoHS

How to Tell the Difference Between HDMI® Cable Types (