Product Specs

PCT-MBBC Bonding Block

PCT’s 3 GHz Gold Series bonding block is engineered to eliminate the potential for failure, and offer superior performance in all critical categories:

  • Machined brass F-81 connectors
  • PCT’s patented DSM® seizure for superior center conductor retention, reduced common path distortion, and excellent electrical performance (including 30 dB min. return loss thru 1.0 GHz).


  • Gold plated beryllium copper seizure has ideal electrical and mechanical characteristics, with exceptional spring back and center conductor retention that does not require assistance from a plastic insulator
  • 100% conformance to SCTE standards for center conductor retention without any assistance from plastic insulators that relax over time
  • High quality zinc alloy body
  • Nickel plating for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Precision machined SCTE conforming ports for superior F-connector performance
  • Includes bonding wire screw and two mounting screws