Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the surrounding areas have been identified as regions where conflict minerals are currently being mined.  The minerals of particular concern include tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold.  Conflict minerals refer to minerals mined and sold under the control of armed groups to finance conflict.  In an effort to reduce violence and human rights violations, the US Securities and Exchange Commission enacted disclosure requirements related to conflict minerals.

Our Program

PCT International is committed to respecting human rights in its supply chain and operations.  We actively audit our vendors verifying that the product is free of conflict minerals.  In support of this policy, PCT promises to:

  • Cooperate with PCT’s suppliers to acquire due diligence information confirming that our supply chain is conflict free.
  • Review documentation of supplier practices to confirm consistency with the Dodd-Frank Act: Section 1502 Conflict Minerals provision.
  • Improve transparency of the implementation by reporting the progress of the program.

For questions regarding the content or execution of this policy, please contact PCT via email at:

View PDF of PCT’s Conflict Minerals Sourcing Policy