Social Responsibility

From sustainable manufacturing certifications and packaging, to supply chain synergies and plant operations, PCT International is steadfast in its commitment to being a strong social citizen and responsible steward of the environment. PCT holds itself to stringent requirements to create a better world for tomorrow, and to deliver customers products they can feel good about using.

Environmental Manufacturing Certifications

PCT prides itself on a number of ISO 9000 certifications, including the Environmental Management System (EMS) 140001:2015 for its 250,000 square foot Yantai, China facility. This certification requires companies undergo rigorous auditing of their operations and to demonstrate and improve their environmental performance through efficient use of resources and reduction of waste into core business processes. The certification increases PCT’s focus on risks and opportunities, sustainability, lifecycle thinking and leadership by top management.

Sustainable Packaging

PCT has consciously selected environmentally friendly and recyclable versions of boxes for its products. The company has invested in new ways to deliver solutions so as to reduce waste through the introduction of new products, such as MOGO PRO and KOR MOGO. These products eliminate the need for cable reels—reducing plastic waste by 30%. KOR can be shipped back to PCT and reloaded with new cable.

Efficient Supply Chain

PCT fully owns and operates all of its manufacturing facilities, where it manufactures its products with meticulous care. This means PCT has full control over every step of the process and is able to ship an entire solution to customers—versus sending several different shipments from various locations and vendors. This efficiency saves on both packaging and transportation costs and reduces the carbon footprint needed for PCT’s supply chain.

Green Plant Operations

Since PCT is a global company, it has had to meet rigorous environmental specifications such as the RoHS compliance standard in Europe, which restricts the use of hazardous materials in electronic equipment. In the United States, Department of Energy’s SEC Level 6 is a standard for energy efficiency, which requires plants put equipment into an energy efficient mode after a certain amount of time of non-use. PCT always adopts these standards across all operations—sometimes at greater costs to operations, in order to be more efficient, stay ahead of the curve on new standards, and to be a socially responsible citizen in our world.


Supplier Diversity

PCT is dedicated to providing opportunities to qualified suppliers for all aspects of our business including procurement of goods and services. We benefit from diversity in our workforce, customers and suppliers. Our policy holds that small businesses owned and controlled by ethnic minorities, women, veterans and service-disabled veterans, the disabled, and all small businesses located world-wide shall have the maximum practicable opportunity to do business with PCT.

PCT understands the importance of—and is deeply committed to—diversity and developing the broad interests of the supplier community by focusing on our relationships with minority-owned businesses. We continue to identify and encourage diversity opportunities to strengthen the growth of our supply chain and provide competitive advantages for all of our current and potential suppliers. PCT welcomes those who wish to establish a supply relationship with PCT and encourage all to contact us to explore potential business opportunities.