The PCT INTERNATIONAL product solution is DOCSIS 4.0 ready.

PCT International has the innovative products to support the transition from DOCSIS 3.1 to 4.0. PCT’s Triton cable with enhanced shielding and F-connectors with proprietary locking technology supports DOCSIS 4.0 and eventually 10G. DOCSIS 4 technology allows the cable and broadband industries to use their existing infrastructure to bring multi-gigabit symmetric services, low latencies, enhanced reliability, and better security to their networks. To ensure the highest performance, products used in the home also have to be top quality.  PCT’s cable and connectors are proven to be the highest performing products on the market.  Companies without PCT products in their network should update their connections with the best products available – PCT products.

What does DOCSIS 4.0 mean for our customers?

  • Deliver symmetrical speeds of 10G over existing networks.
  • Increased data capacity by up to 50 percent.
  • Better network efficiency – support the increased speeds and latency requirements.
  • “Hardened drop” with excellent service quality and stability through the use of our coaxial cable, F-connectors, splitters, amplifiers, and components.
  • Future proofing broadband services at higher frequencies.