ZERO Waste and Sustainability

PCT is committed to sustainable business practices across all of our operations.


We know that being good stewards of the environment is an essential ingredient to doing business. We know that our customers feel the same. We have taken meticulous care and dedicated significant resources to developing manufacturing processes and product packaging and designs that reduce environmental impact.

  • We participate in National multi-system operator (MSO) ZERO Waste, Sustainability Programs, which include specific goals for minimizing environmental impact for future generations.
  • Our manufacturing facilities meet ISO and Environmental Management System certifications, such as RoHS, ISO 14001 and California’s.
  • We offer AMIGO™ ZERO Waste Reel-Less Cable Solution, virtually eliminating the need to recycle product packaging when used with our MOGO® PRO cable bag.
  • We provide reusable, eco-friendly MOGO® PRO and MOGO® durable, lightweight cable bags.
  • We offer recyclable, eco-friendly Reel in a Box.
  • We partner with telecom industry’s leading sustainable supplier.
  • After extensive lifecycle analysis (LCA), the manufacturing of our eco-friendly reels results in a 32% reduction in energy use, a 54% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 30% reduction in plastic use.

PCT is the industry’s leading supplier of sustainable cable products and solutions.