When Steve Youtsey founded PCT International in 1997, a talented core team joined him, most who still work here today—nearly 20 years later. Many others have been with the company 10 or more years. We think this says something about who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Integrity: We are grounded in honorable business practices.

Our industry is a competitive one. Our work is guided by principles of authenticity and transparency, and we cherish the trust-based relationships that we have built over the many years.

We are in this work for the long haul, and we are proud of the many enduring relationships that make our day-to-day business dealings so gratifying. Rules of fair play and ethics govern everything we do – not only is it in the best interests of our customers and the communities they serve, but it is the right thing to do.

Agility: We are flexible and move fast.

As a privately held company, we are able to move quickly. When we hear a need from a customer, spot a trend in the market place, or become aware of a new technology, we act. We don’t need to consult our shareholders or cut through a lot of red tape and months’ of approvals to start an initiative. We make things happen.

We are a tight-knit, nimble team with access to each other. This means less risk for our customers because our low turnover makes for a solid, stable organization that isn’t “re-creating the wheel” or spending time training new employees. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our customers and with each other.

Quality: The best is found here.

The quality of our products is unmatched as demonstrated by our numerous quality certifications. Unlike most of our competitors, we own and control every step of our manufacturing facilities and processes—from raw materials to outbound inspection. The vast majority of our products are made in-house by us.

But that’s not all. We don’t simply deliver a product and move on. Our products are backed by a five-year warranty—and, we talk to and we work with our customers to ensure they and their customers are getting what they need. Our belief is that if any one part of the “last mile” isn’t working just right, it’s an opportunity to build an even better product. We believe that it is this very spirit that is setting the bar for what customers should expect in the industry. We are proud of that.

Customer Focus: We are here for our customers and our customers alone.

As a privately held company, we are driven by the needs of our customers and not those of shareholders. Our commitment to our customers and their customers is proven through our infrastructure investments, in-house laboratories and manufacturing, rigorous certifications, innovative world-class products and solutions, and localized support.

We work with our customers around the globe, focusing on solutions with sustainability and diversity in mind for their neighborhood concerns while enhancing and expanding their unique product offerings. All of this is done so that end-users benefit by enjoying trouble-free installations and service while we work together on the next industry advancements.

Steve Youtsey founded PCT International in 1997, guided by values that continue to set the course for the company today.

Steve Youtsey founded PCT International in 1997, guided by values that continue to set the course for the company today.

Innovation: We haven’t met a challenge we didn’t love.

The broadband telecommunications industry is rapidly evolving and is experiencing nearly constant technological advances. This is our playground for innovation. Our 84 patents and patents pending are a testament to our commitment to solving customer challenges in creative, never-thought-of ways. When we don’t have a product that fits a customer’s exact needs, we often invite them into our labs, give them a seat at the table with our engineers, and together we design a custom solution.

We thrive on not just keeping up, but setting the pace. For example we have been at the forefront of DOCSIS 3.x bandwidth expansion to 1.8 GHz and beyond, and advances in FTTx technology. In fact, we participate in industry standards development so we always have an eye on what’s coming and a say on how standards are set.