Science and Technology

With over 200 patents and patents pending, PCT has blazed the trail on numerous telecom products and solutions. Our world-class R&D team partners closely with our customers to grow their business and meet the current future needs of the end user.

Technology Meets Quality

All PCT products are designed and manufactured by our skilled and credentialed in-house team with great care and attention to quality craftsmanship and rigorous SCTE standards. Our research and design process takes into account raw materials, carbon footprint, and how manufacturing influences product function, integrity and longevity.

Customer Partnerships that Exceed Expectations

When we partner with customers, we aim to meet – and surpass – expectations for even the most visionary product concepts. Our extensive history of trusted partnerships and high success rates are a result of creative, outside-the-box thinking that creates products passing the most stringent performance, reliability, and environmental related tests.

At the Forefront of an Evolving Industry

With DOCSIS 3.x, bandwidth expansion to 1.2 GHz and beyond, and advances in FTTx technology and deployments, it is essential for providers to partner with a supplier that understands the changes occurring within the industry. PCT is at the forefront of current technology movements by actively participating in industry standards development groups within the SCTE. This ensures that we are not only aware of the changes, but are an active participant in creating the standards driving these changes.

For over 20 years, PCT International has been the industry leader in product development for telecom solutions.
Our groundbreaking products improve network performance while supporting major industry movements:

Hardening The Drop

  • First to introduce the complete end-to-end Hardening The Drop Solution


  • First MoCA amplifiers approved by major MSO (bandwidth expansion to 1 GHz)
  • Patent pending burst mode amplifiers (multi-room DVRs)

Self install kit mobile app

First to offer:

  • Scan. Confirm. Connect.™

Fiber optics

First to offer:

  • Patented Mini Fiber Nodes for pioneer FTTH deployment
  • MFNs with return path and burst mode
  • Prepackaged Tyco trays simplifying fiber installations

Recent PCT fiber optic innovations and new products include:

  • Complete FTTx centric platform including all FTTx components
  • PCT-UHD ultra high density fiber management system
  • PCT-UHD-LGX ultra high density fiber optics modules
  • RFoG FTTx Mini Fiber Nodes with multiple RF outputs
  • Hybrid cable
  • Optical cleaners

Coaxial Cable

  • Patented TRITON advanced coaxial cable with enhanced foil layer (critical for LTE interference mitigation)
  • Patented Z-Wire® anti-corrosion cable technology
  • 1PreP® rapid cable preparation technology
  • AMIGO™ ZERO Waste reel-less cable solution

Patented DSM® technology

  • Digital splitters and house amplifiers with patented DSM® technology


  • Patented dual axial compression rings and patented torque retention (for bandwidth expansion)
  • Patented triple benefits torque retention, RFI shielding and continuity (protecting against LTE interference, ingress, egress)

FCC Compliance for HDMI

  • First to meet requirements