Rick Haube

Te-en Wang

Rick Haube

Executive Vice President,
Domestic Sales

Rick has been in the telecommunications industry for over 35 years in the capacity of Sales, Marketing and Business Development. He holds 15 US Patents with 10 additional Patent Applications pending in connectivity and electronic designs. Rick was also instrumental with HFC Optical Electronics integration (Philips) and was a part of the HDTV consortium in the early 1990’s (General Instrument/CommScope).

Rick is responsible for the successful market growth in North America and parts of Europe and Asia. He is tasked with driving the sales revenue through new and existing operators.

Prior to his current position, Rick was responsible for Marketing and Product Line Management at PCT International. Under Rick’s leadership, PCT has revamped and expanded its global presence with double digit growth for PCT.

Rick graduated from Penn Technical Institute with an Electrical Engineering degree. Graduate courses at Penn State University and The George Washington University surrounding optical laser design were completed. Rick has authored several articles and white papers while speaking internationally on the evolving broadband technologies and architectures.