Te-En Wang

Te-en Wang

Te-En Wang

Data Analyst and Special Project Coordinator

Te-En has extensive experience with PCT from the early beginnings, joining PCT in 1999, just two years after its inception. Te-En’s intimate knowledge of all departments and systems that keep the engine running at PCT places her in a unique position of both background and knowledge. Te-En runs the back end systems that keeps sale, operations, and all things PCT moving. Te-En’s ability to gather historical data has been instrumental to the entire executive team. Her MIS and IT teams keep everything in check for all global teams.

Prior to her current role, Te-En has been involved with several global aspects of PCT including, Supply Chain Solutions, ERP Implementation, and International Business Development and Relations.
Te-En’s multi-language and multi-cultural background has been instrumental in supporting efforts across Asia and Latin America, including Manufacturing Liaison in Asia and Logistical Operations in Mexico and LATAM. Te-En has played in instrumental role in a major Acquisition and Transition of a competitive business unit as it became part of the PCT ecosystem.

Prior to joining PCT, Te-En worked for her family business in Bolivia where she handled Finance and Accounting operations. Te-En graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business.