Cable Prep Tips

Preparing the Coaxial Cable

1. Prepare coaxial cable with a standard approved 1/4” x 5/16” cable prep tool.


2. Remove trimmed jacket and core plug from cable.

prep-01-cable-showing-blade-cuts_400px-high  prep-02-cable-remove-trimmed-parts_400px-high  prep-03-cable-remove-trimmed-parts_400px-high

3. For tri-shield cable: Remove the outer layer of foil.
For quad cable: Fold back the first layer of braid wire, remove the outer layer of foil tape and fold back the second layer of braid.


4. To reduce cable insertion force: Evenly flare and separate the braid.

prep-05-flair-and-separte-braid_400px-high  prep-06-flair-push-back-braid_400px-high

Installing Connectors on to the Prepped Cable

1. Push the connector straight on so that the cable dielectric is properly aligned inside the connector mandrel.
Cable dielectric should be flush with the bottom of the nut.


2. A slight twist in one direction can be used to ease the cable insertion. However, avoid excessive twisting.