Product Specs

Bend Insensitive Patch Cords

Optical fiber is sensitive to stress, particulary bending stress. When overstressed, light in the outer part of the core is no longer guided in the fiber core creating a higher loss at the stressed section of the fiber. PCT’s bend insensitive fiber patch cords (BIFPC) are constructed with Corning® LBL glass for greater performance by preventing as much bending loss as possible. The cords are available with SC and LC connectors in a variety of polishes and standard lengths of up to 30 meters.

  • Comply with Bellcore GR-326-CORE specifications
  • Exceed ITU-T recommendation G.657.A2/B2
  • Comply with G.652.D
  • Low insertion loss
  • Ultra low return loss
  • Operational window: 1270 to 1625 nm