Product Specs

MoCSY®7 75 Ohm Cable

PCT International’s MOCSY®7 75 Ohm coaxial CATV cable is the reliable, cost-effective solution for today’s bi-directional broadband systems. Designed and manufactured entirely by PCT International, MOCSY7 cable offers service providers the lowest possible cable cost to access subscribers, while meeting or exceeding SCTE specifications to ensure reliable, long-life performance. Additionally, MOCSY7 is now specified to MoCA frequencies.

A full line of coaxial cable constructions are available:

• Series 6, 11, 59 and 59 Headend cables
• Standard / Tri / Quad shielding
• Standard optical coverage options – 60 / 77 / 90 %.

All current packaging schemes are supported with attention to the environment

• Reels, boxes, coils, caddies & reusable MOGO® / MOGO® PRO cable paks

All coaxial cable products fully conform to existing ANSI / SCTE standards, and we have representation on all pertinent SCTE working groups.

A complete line of products are available for all applications – aerial, underground, headend, and premises with options for jacket colors, custom printing, messenger wire sizes, etc. Composite coax / TWP cables are also available.

Proprietary Coaxial Cable Technologies

PCT’s MoCSY®7 coaxial cable with TRITON technology is one of the most significant advances in the history of coaxial cable design! TRITON incorporates an enhanced foil layer, providing superior shielding performance without physically changing the cable’s profile, promoting ease of installation.

PCT’s Corrosion Guard

  • For customers requiring flooding
  • Non-flowing gel moisture block
  • Protects against corrosion

PCT’s Copper Guard

  • Foam insulation adhesively bonded to center conductor
  • Proprietary chemical treatment applied to the center conductor
  • Protects against corrosion

PCT’s patented MOCSY®7 Z-Wire® coaxial cable utilizes a dry, protective coating to the shielding tape and center conductor. The coating process creates a bond to the aluminum shielding, creating a clean, uniform, and reliable barrier for a sound installation with reliable, long lasting performance.

PCT Predator
PCT Predator™ Rodent Deterrent

PCT Predator™ Rodent Deterrent Drop Cable is jacketed with a special rodent deterrent resin called DPVC. DPVC contains a powerful combination of aversives that are effective at deterring chewing, yet pose no harm to people, animals or plant life. When a rodent bites into the DPVC, they are introduced to an extremely foul-tasting compound, which causes them to fear the interaction and teach their offspring to avoid it in the future.

PCT Predator™ Rodent Deterrent technology is available on our full line of PCT MOCSY®7 Coaxial Cable.

PCT’s MOCSY®7 coaxial cable with 1PreP® rapid preparation technology bonds the cable jacket with the outer tape. This time saving process removes both the jacket and outer tape in a single step during the cable preparation process.