Product Specs

PCT-D3x 1.2 GHz Splitters

PCT-D32, PCT-D33, PCT-D33B, PCT-D34, PCT-D38

PCT’s digital splitters offer exceptional performance at 1.2 GHz and long-term reliability for drop installations, particularly in systems with cable modem applications. This newest generation enables MSOs to confidently upgrade their network hardware as they rollout services made possible by DOCSIS 4.0.

  • Excellent performance in the expanded mid-split return path range of DOCSIS 4.0 in 1.2 GHz networks.
  • Expanded bandwidth in the downstream to allow for the higher data rates provided by DOCSIS 4.0 in 1.2 GHz networks.
  • Superior intermodulation distortion and second harmonic performance
  • Soldered backplate for excellent RFI performance
  • Patented PCT DSM® seizure technology (Patent No. 6450836)
  • 6 kV surge withstand, excellent second-order harmonics performance after 10 surges to each port per IEEE C62.41-1991 Category A3
  • Tin plating provides superior defense against long-term corrosion
  • Weather-sealed F ports prevent moisture migration
  • Machine threaded, flat-faced F ports for improved ground plane contact
  • Conforms to all applicable SCTE standards
  • RoHS compliant