Product Specs

PCT-JS Jumper Sleeve

The Easiest and Most Reliable Way to Complete a Coax F-Connection

The PCT-JS patented jumper sleeve creates a built-in tool for easy, hand tightened, reliable connections. This innovative jumper sleeve allows the proper amount of hand tightened torque with out damaging connections.  With a transparent design, the connector is easily visible and allows technicians and DIY installers to complete a sound connection.

  • Flexible, oval design provides superior tool-less torque
  • No over tightening
  • Allows clear view of connector
  • Easy to install
  • PCT-made connectors, coaxial cable and jumpers
  • Recommended for use with products able to tolerate 5 to 10 in lbs of torque
  • US Patent Nos. 7837501 B2, 8065940 B2