Product Specs

PCT-SGCS Signal Guard™ Universal Continuity Jumper Sleeve

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Connecting Customer Premise Equipment with RF Integrity Enhancing Network Capacity and Reducing Service Calls

The SGCS Series Signal Guard™ Continuity Jumper Sleeves solve two issues plaguing the overall network performance:

  • The elimination of upstream burst noise upon installations
  • Common mode disturbance heightened by loose connectors.

The universal jumper sleeve fit on major connector brands enhances performance on loose non-continuity connectors and on connectors that do not perform to standards when not fully installed or becoming loosened.

One of the primary sources of significant noise bursts in the return path occurs when attaching an F connector to a port. If a solid ground connection is not made prior to the center conductor entering the port, any common mode disturbances traveling on the outside of the cable will be directed onto the center conductor, causing a momentary burst of noise. PCT has solved this issue by creating the patented PCT-SGCS Signal Guard Continuity Sleeve. Secondly, the innovative design fully connects the port to the connector even when loose with movement or vibration. The physical connection between the port to the home network is fully connected solving a common issue that creates ingress / egress.

Features and Benefits

The design of the PCT-SGCS Signal Guard Continuity Sleeve provides a unique solution to common problems
in all cable networks.

  • Eliminates noise bursts in the return path from grounding issues between the connector nut and the port
  • Provides full continuity from the port to the CPE even when loose
  • Flexible design provides superior tool-less torque
  • No over tightening that can cause damage to CPE
  • Comes preinstalled on PCT jumpers of various lengths
  • Universal fit on major connector brands
  • US Patents and Patents Pending