Product Specs

PCT-TP-212-xx Multi-Tap & Line Passive

  • 1 GHz bandwidth with minimal insertion loss
  • 100 dB shielding effectiveness (RFI)
  • Uninterrupted power passing
  • Higher current rating to meet new plant designs
  • 2- and 4-way wide body housings available
Features and Benefits
  • Patented DSM seizure technology provides increased spring retention for better surface contact
    and electrical performance (patent #6450836)
  • Stainless steel hardware and aluminum port caps for corrosion resistance
  • Aluminum alloy housing with weather resistant powder coating
  • Weather seal gasket ensures water tight protection, tested at 15 psi
  • Umbrella-effect housing design prevents accumulation of water at ports
  • Weatherproof, self-sealing ‘F’ ports prevent breathing through ports when subscriber is
  • Nickle-plated, brass ‘F’ ports offer increased strength and protection against corrosion in
    severe environmental conditions
  • Color coded tap values
  • Heat shrink ridges on tap ports for easy installation
  • Conforms to all applicable SCTE standards