Product Specs

PCT-TRSXL-6LKMG Connectors

Built with the highest standards and performance on the market, PCT-TRSXL-6LKMG connector features include:

  • DOCSIS 4.0 – ALL PCT Connectors are built for the DOCSIS 3.1 to 4.0 transition and beyond
  • Continuous Ground – Improved ground contact both when tight and loose
  • Enhanced Shielding – Improved shielding effectiveness when loose
  • Dual Function Nut – Knurled feature facilitates tightening by hand while hex feature allows wrench tightening
  • Standards Conformance – Tested to NSI/SCTE, ASTM, and Telecordia (formerly Bellcore) standards
  • 21 mm Stroke Length – Compatible with most commonly used compression tools (see Tooling on next page)
  • All Metal Design – 100% brass construction
  • Dual O-Ring Design – Delivers a superior barrier against moisture intrusion
  • Metal Compression Rings – Stay compressed and won’t break down
For the most reliable cable prep installations, PCT International recommends using our patented compression tools engineered and manufactured by PCT International.  All of our compression tools are designed for long-lasting, uncomplicated, and optimal performance enjoyed by professional and DIY installers for many years.

PCT’s compression tools provide our 21 mm PCT-TRSXL-6LKMG connector with a full 360° of support for balanced, consistent installations and are naturally easy to use.

View our TOOL COMPATIBILITY TABLE below to cross reference PCT’s compression connectors and compatible PCT compression tools, as well as other manufacturers’ standard 360° 21 mm compression stroke length tools.