Product Specs

PCT-TT Torque Tool

  • Tightens F-connectors to between 8 and 10 inch pounds of torque vs. finger tightening which typically produces just 1 to 3 in. lbs. of torque
  • Consistent torque applied, regardless of the installer
  • For use on all consumer electronics devices
  • Infinite life cycle – tested and proven on thousands of rotation s
  • Glass filled nylon material “work hardens” with use- applied torque value does not decrease over time
  • Reusable – not disposable
  • Eliminates damage to television / modem / set-top ports caused by overly tightened connectors
  • Prevents truck rolls caused by loose connectors
  • Prevents signal loss, ingress / egress
  • Great for Self Install Kits”!