Product Specs

PCT-VC-F15P and PCT-VC-F19P Amplifier

PCT’s MoCA bypass drop amplifier is designed to provide the ability to use MoCA technology to communicate to all the amplifier output ports from the modem port, bypassing the amplifier itself. The built-in triplex filter constrains the MoCA signals to the home network while providing the necessary MoCA bypass connection around the amplifier to enable in-home networking between eMTA, set-top boxes and other devices (for example: gaming consoles, PCs, laptops, tablets, etc.).

The passive modem bypass port supports critical applications, such as telephony, requiring high reliability networks to provide uninterrupted service even in the event of power outages and / or amplifier failure.


  • Distribution of video in the house for applications with a multi-room DVR
  • Home high speed networking
  • High definition video streaming from the internet