Product Specs

TRITON Professional Grade Coaxial Cable

TRITON MoCSY®7 Coaxial Cable Technology

Professional Grade Coaxial Cable for All Your CATV and Broadband Network Service Needs

PCT’s MOCSY®7 coaxial cable with patented TRITON technology incorporates an enhanced layer of foil to provide superior shielding performance while maintaining the physical profile and ease of installation that characterize the entire MoCSY7 line.

One of the most significant advances in the history of coaxial cable design, MOCSY7 coaxial cable with TRITON technology has been proven to deliver optimal service quality for extended use in harsh environments. With the enhanced layer of foil, TRITON provides a 20 dB improvement in shielding after 10,000 flexes as compared to other manufacturers’ cable.


  • TRITON Technology Design
    • Maintains superior shielding performance even after extensive and repeated flexing
    • Enhances service reliability
    • Increases network integrity
    • Extends cable peak performance standards over an extended service life
    • Patented
  • Product Series
    • RG6, RG59 and RG11
    • Bi-shield, tri-shield and quad-shield
  • Copper Guard
    • Proprietary center conductor corrosion inhibitor
  • MoCA Compatible
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Z-Wire® dry, anti-corrosion technology
      • Patented dry, permanent coating on all outer cable shielding
      • Simple, clean installation without messy or greasy compounds
      • Enhances drop lifespan
        • 1PreP® rapid preparation technology
          • Eliminates step in cable preparation
          • Reduces preparation time
          • No need to change existing tools