Trash Talking – Recycling Should Be Reduced…

PCT's AMIGO ZEREO Waste Reel-less Solution


From: Adrian O’Leary, President, PCT International, Inc.

I was visiting an operator’s facility about a year ago and saw numerous recycle bins behind the fence. At first I thought “that’s terrific recycling.” There were empty cable reels overflowing and bails of cardboard stacked high. Well, progress in this area eliminated shipping reels and cardboard with drop coaxial cable and a reel-less system was introduced. Yes there are “reel-exchange” programs but that’s not the “reel” solution.

A good coaxial reel-less solution utilizes coils that drop into an ergonomic carrying bag made with recycled materials. Just one carrying bag with a re-usable reel allows coils to be repeatedly drop into place.

How much recycling is eliminated? For 10 million subscribers (roughly 10% of the USA) about 750,000 reels are eliminated from recycling in a single year. For the USA that is over 7 million reels annually. Put that in perspective, and we could replicate the height of 50 Empire State Buildings.