MESA, AZ – September 6, 2019 – The numbers are staggering – there are over 175 cases of cheap knock-offs and counterfeits of PCT International, Inc. (PCT) products on websites originating from China and Taiwan, and the numbers are growing as more and more PCT products are pirated and added to such websites. In addition, many resellers hawk these products to unsuspecting consumers through eBay, Amazon and other domestic and international distribution channels.

PCT has spent millions fighting to protect its intellectual property rights. Systems are being flooded with inferior components unwittingly installed by personnel deceived by external appearance and realistic labels and lured by lower prices. Pirates are all willing to forego any semblance of quality controls in order to keep their own costs to an absolute minimum. Resulting system degradation is readily apparent from user complaints and the high cost of system maintenance.

To profit from their criminal activities, pirates brazenly use PCT’s intellectual property to generate sales. PCT’s product names, part numbers, labels, photographs, drawings, images, artwork and packaging are all copied, often without any edit or variation. PCT’s published product text and specifications are copied verbatim, regardless of actual manufacturing specifications or quality control or the true performance of the knockoffs;

Of course, not all such products are marketed or sold with PCT labels, logos or part numbers. Some have no identification at all; others have packaging or labels or stampings with some other western-sounding name. It is not at all uncommon to find knockoffs of PCT products being marketed with an assortment of branding or identifying information.



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PCT International, Inc. is a privately owned company serving a significant segment of the U.S. telecommunications infrastructure. PCT has manufactured over 1,000,000 miles of coaxial cable with its proprietary technology. PCT has also sold over one billion coaxial cable connectors worldwide. PCT’s patented coaxial cable and connectors have been installed in approximately 10% of all homes and businesses in America. To learn more, visit,