TEMPE, AZ – August 5, 2021 PCT International, Inc. has received a new coaxial cable patent from the USPTO, patent #US11,037,703. This innovative patent provides enhanced shielding tape for PCT’s Coaxial Cable Products. Enhanced shielding protects the signals in the cable from outside interference and helps prevent signal leakage. Superior shielding is required to support the expanding broadband internet demands consumers require for personal and business uses. This new patented technology applies to multiple types of cables within the home, such as broadband coaxial, security, Ethernet, and HDMI. Existing installations with obsolete, poorly shielded coaxial cable will suffer more and more as bandwidths used for broadband telecommunications networks expand to allow the 10G services being developed today.

PCT’s continued commitment to innovation via PCT Labs development and certification processes offers its customers a strategic advantage in the marketplace. The average 2,500 sq. ft. home has a combination of over 400 ft. of broadband coaxial, security, Ethernet, and HDMI cables in it. PCT’s enhanced shielding can safeguard the Last Mile from the signal tap to within the home or business.

A total of 170 broadband patents have been granted or registered to PCT since its founding. Today, 160 of these innovative technology patents are still in force with 61 pending approval, all serving the broadband cable industry. “Our latest patented cable technologies continue PCT’s cutting edge leadership in serving the Last Mile in broadband markets,” said Steve Youtsey, PCT’s CEO.

PCT’s Vice President of Global Technology, Leonard Visser, elaborated on this, “Continuity and shielding have always been important and are even more so now. We recognized this years ago when we developed the first true continuity connector that locks components together, metal to metal, for superior connector signal shielding. We then developed our original Triton Coaxial Cable with improved laminates for the best shielding available. And we’re still leading the industry with enhanced foils today to prevent and mitigate micro-fractures that spell trouble with higher bandwidths. PCT has even pioneered the use of quantum tunneling composites to bring shielding to unheard-of levels.”

Organizations like the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers1 (SCTE) are educating the industry on the trend toward higher bandwidths. PCT has been a leader in these areas for many years and continues to plan for our customers’ future needs.

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PCT International, Inc. is a privately owned company serving a significant segment of the U.S. telecommunications infrastructure. PCT has manufactured over 1,000,000 miles of coaxial cable with its proprietary technology. PCT has also sold over four billion coaxial cable connectors worldwide. PCT’s patented coaxial cable and connectors have been installed in approximately 10% of all homes and businesses in America. To learn more, visit,

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